How come so many men?

People have ridiculed the fact that almost every photo or video of the so-called refugees are mostly men.

They have have come up with various excuses…but the facts are now indisputable, released by the UNHCR no less.


72% men…in a war zone men are the ones usually killed and maimed…in Cambodia for example there was mass executions of men in particular.

It is an aberration that 72% of all “refugees” are men. ??

When you look at another UNHCR chart you are left with the impression that after 5 years of civil war in Syria that the sudden mass exodus is actually a planned invasion.

med-sea arrivals

Why, now all of a sudden, are all these people moving? The civil war in Syria began in?the?Arab Spring more than 5 years ago. Why move now?

Look at this chart too and see the escalation.


This is?an escalation, an invasion and it isn’t because the civil war in Syria has gotten worse…after 5 years Assad is still there, ISIS have grabbed large swathes of mostly unoccupied territory to set up their caliphate, but supposedly people should love living under their rule…so why the sudden mass exodus to Western European countries?

We are being lied to, and the Media Party are assisting in spreading the lies, and the politicians are idiots.