How long has Snakk Media got?

I have been closely following Derek?Handley and his latest imminent failure Snakk Media.

This guy is a shameless self-promotor who usually starts conversations like Pearl Going does, by mentioning that he once worked with Richard Branson, or held his dick while he took a leak?on an island or some other inane story.

But it looks like Snakk Media has had a gutsful of poor performance.

Snakk Media [NZX: SNK] founder Derek Handley will step down as chairman of the mobile advertising technology company by the end of the year in a wider boardroom shuffle.

Mr Handley, whose interests own about 15% of Snakk, will leave the board of the firm he co-founded in 2010, and Michelle Kong will retire after the September 16 annual meeting, the company said in a statement.

Their exit is part of a boardroom rejuvenation, which will install Australian cloud hosting business?Macquarie Telecom’s chairman, Peter James, as executive chairman. He will be based in Sydney along with chief executive Mark Ryan. Broadfield Advisory principal Martin Riegel was appointed to Snakk’s board in June. ?

“As companies move from startup to listing, to entering multiple new markets, it is important they add new talent across all areas of the company,” Mr Handley said. “Refreshing and strengthening the board is a key part of this process.”

Mr Handley is best-known for founding the Hyperfactory mobile marketing firm, which was sold to US firm Meredith Corp in 2009, before he went on to help set up Snakk a year later.

He will remain a shareholder in the company, telling BusinessDesk he was still “a believer in the massive scale of the potential for Snakk and mobile as a disruptive channel destined to dominate all forms of media and brand engagement over the coming decades.”


Has he not heard about IOS9 and the developments around ad-blocking in native Apple apps in IOS9?

Snakk Media will “dominate all forms of media and brand engagement over the coming decades.”


He needs to make a call to Daryl Kerrigan in Australia for some advice.