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The only good cat is a dead cat

The only good cat is a dead cat

Cats are missing…in Gonville…snort

A cat has been shot with an arrow, dozens of cats have gone missing, and dogs have been poisoned in what police fear could be a co-ordinated attack on Wanganui pets.

Constable G Singh from Whanganui Police said stories had filtered through to police about cats being killed in the Gonville area.

“A few weeks ago we had a report of a cat on Alma Rd that was shot with an arrow and had to be put down.

“There have been a few incidents like that in the past month, and that has prompted us to investigate further,” Mr Singh said.

The trend appears to be cats in Gonville being injured or killed, cats in Wanganui East going missing, as well as several cases of dogs being poisoned in Wanganui East.

I’ll tell you what is happening here…people sick of other people’s pets crapping in their sand-pit, or on their lawn.

A person I know had a crazy cat lady at the bottom of their driveway…and periodically a cat would be outside his window caterwauling on…until he got his crossbow out and dispatched it…week after week…they never ended. It actually became a bit of a problem…disposing of the bodies…fortunately they had a business that has regular rubbish removal and what is another black bag in the bin.

The only good cat is a dead cat.


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