John Drinnan caught making stuff up again

Following on from my earlier post about media and social media, one particularly stupid and fixated media person who uses Twitter to stalk and harass people all the while pretending it is his job to try to hound people out of jobs in the pursuit of a story is John Drinnan.

He has often been caught making up stories and not just getting basic facts misunderstood but just plain wrong. How he maintains his comfortable sinecure at the newspaper is beyond me.

He is the laughing stock of most people in the media…usually called the disparaging “Silly Old John Drinnan”.

When the final four flags were released he tweeted:


Except he was wrong/making shit up/interviewing his keyboard again.

Cabinet didn’t choose the final four flags.

A real journalist asked who did of the Flags Commission:

As the final four flags were revealed yesterday, Herald journalist John Drinnan tweeted: “Cabinet choosing final four flags invites allegation of a stitch up – imo [in my opinion].”

Is that how it went down? Did Bill and Gerry paw through printouts then select their favourites?

The question was put to Flag Consideration Panel chairman Professor John Burrows during his Ask Me Anything session on NBR Radio at midday.

He replied, “Right from the beginning, it was clear that the panel had the choice; that we were to select the final four based on the criteria that we had developed. And that?s precisely what happened. It had to go before the cabinet simply for authorisation and to be included in the legislation because there have to be regulations that state what goes on the ballot papers. But the cabinet simply accepted our decisions. It was not even an approval; it was an authorisation [for the final four] to go on the ballot paper.”

You really do have to wonder what it is that Drinnan has over the editors. Is it photos of Shayne Currie in the arms of another media person who is not his wife? It’s got to be something that big to continue to keep his job despite his constant drivel and falsehoods.