Journalist outraged after being hacked…cry me a river of tears

I said it was only a matter of time before someone hacked some journalists…and they have…and boy are they outraged about it.

When this journalist was hacked however the same ones who are aghast at this latest case were delving into all my hacked details as fast as they could.

Excuse me if I don’t just throw up a little bit in my mouth over the rank hypocrisy of this.

An investigative journalist is outraged her phone was hacked by telco giant Vodafone because of a damaging story.

The company’s today admitted a lone employee accessed call charge records and text messages in January 2011.?

Fairfax Media journalist Natalie O’Brien exposed a serious security risk in 2011 in the company’s data storage techniques, which reportedly meant the names, addresses and credit card details of millions of customers were available online.

Rupert Murdoch journalists hacked people for years. Matt Nippert, David Fisher, Keith Ng and Nicky Hager actively work with criminals ?and hackers, peddling their wares.

But when someone does it to them the outrage comes pouring out.

Cry me a river of tears…suck it up cupcakes…you created this world, live in it.


– Yahoo