Jumping before being pushed?


Richard Harman reports via his email newsletter:

Attorney-General Christopher Finlayson QC has announced that ?Solicitor-General Michael Heron QC has decided to ?to step down from the role after serving three of his five years appointment. Both Mr Finlyason and State Services Commissioner Ian Rennie have praised Mr Heron for his work. But in May ?Court of Appeal acquitted former Auckland Mayor and MP John?Banks ?for allegedly filing a false electoral return relating to the 2010 Auckland mayoralty race.Mr Banks? acquittal was the result of the Court of Appeal finding that the Crown had withheld evidence form the defence??leading to a miscarriage of justice.Mr Banks said that ?Some of the mistakes made by the judiciary going through were outrageous? and ?the solicitor-general has a lot to answer for.?

Heron has a great deal to answer for but specifically his role in covering up new evidence that showed that Kim Dotcom and his pals perjured themselves before Justice Wylie in the High Court. Worse he used Paul Dacre QC to hide that information from John Banks and his legal team during the Court of Appeal process.

I’ve heard from pretty reliable sources that Dacre is being lined up for prosecution for his role in that. Since he was acting on orders from Heron it seems likely the two situations are inextricably linked.

So despite Finlayson’s staunch defence of his pal Heron there is going to be piles of poo heaped up on the Crown’s front porch in coming weeks.


– Politik