Labour, Greens forget the pie ban cost them the 2008 election


Typical, politicians have extremely short memories. Labour?s Annette King should know better, but long-term memory seems to be failing her.

Labour lost the 2008 election after New Zealanders got sick and tired of Labour politicians telling Kiwis how to live. They also ended up being called the ?food police?.

Now they?re back at it, wanting bans on tuck shops and pushing their agenda via embedded journalist Kirsty Johnson;

Labour health spokeswoman Annette King said she would now expect the Government to bring back tuck shop regulation.

“It’s horrifying to New Zealanders that we are now considered one of the fattest nations in the world,” she said.

“We have wasted seven years, when we could have been doing something about it, for purely political reasons, because apparently saying what kids could eat was being a ‘nanny state’. I now look forward to seeing what the minister will do.”

Get over it Annette, you are a nanny…and not that thin either, the sausage rolls at Bellamys obviously agree with her.

Not surprisingly well known trougher Boyd Swinburn gets wheeled out for the usual comment criticising the Government with the backhander comment.

“The message is clear – the New Zealand public wants strong government leadership to ensure that what is served in the school canteen matches what is taught in the curriculum about healthy eating,” said Professor Boyd Swinburn, who specialises in population nutrition at the University of Auckland.

Not to be left out of the action, Labour?s support party The Green Taliban are tucking into the issue, with Kevin Hague saying:

“One of the first – and one of the worst – things this National Government did was to scrap the guidelines around the sale of junk food in school tuck shops. This survey shows what an absolute failure that policy is,” said Green Party health spokesperson Kevin Hague.

“We know that allowing multi-national junk food corporations to sell sugary and fatty food to our kids is contributing to more Kiwi children becoming overweight.

“New Zealanders want more regulation in this area, not less, which puts the Government seriously out of step with Kiwi parents.

“The Green Party has long advocated for the regulation of the sale of junk food in schools and the promotion of healthy, Kiwi-grown produce and food.

Yet, if you look at what the kids at Rhode Street School in Hamilton are doing, the simple answer seems to have escaped Annette King and Kevin Hague.

These kids are growing vegetables, can read nutrition labels and have even knocked-off and plucked a few chickens (waiting for the howls of protest over that one).

?For the past 10 years, the school has taken its students, parents and teachers on a journey, growing its own food, cooking in a commercial kitchen, making lunches and snacks and turning the surplus into products for the farmers’ market.

Lessons about sugar, salt and portion control go hand-in-hand with food preparation, Mr Ngatai says. There are also lessons for parents, and a points system to make the school waste-free, he says, plus an emphasis on exercise and preventative medicine.

“We’ve seen weight reduction in obese students and fitness levels improving,” Mr Ngatai says. “It didn’t negatively affect the tuckshop at all. In fact, it strengthened it because our health promotion focused on healthy eating and our students helped us design the changing menus. As a result profits have increased each year.”

Meanwhile, over on the opposition benches, Annette King and Kevin Hague believe it?s all the Government?s fault and want bans on tuckshops.


– A newspaper