Losing our Religion – A letter from a reader…to John Key

A reader and frequent commenter emails:

Dear Cam,

I have taken particular notice of your articles pertaining to ?Loss of Religion? and the comments contained therein from your readers. Being an ex-National member I was perplexed attempting to discern the reasons for my change in attitude towards the actions of John Key and his associates.

I separated my frustrations of the current government not taking action on various issues of import to me and gave the main issue some thought.

As a retired CEO who worked his way up from a single parent home, a person who didn?t finish high school and pulled himself up by the bootstraps,to a level I never thought I could attain; compared to some, not so great, but to me, good enough, I tried to recall how was I successful at growing the businesses so well and introspectively I determined the core ingredients are ?values? and to honour yourself.

My Staff were number one to me and the customers were second. Some looked at me sideways when I said that, however if you had the respect and pride from your colleagues the rest works out okay and luckily in my case some might say, more than okay.

I wanted to write to you just to provide another perspective, as to me it was always great to hear another?s point of view, sometimes it can strengthen a resolve or offer another avenue of thought. Just for the hell of it this is what I would write to the PM. ?

Dear John,

As a leader one should know that one is always being watched by all, particularly scrutinised by a media that is so ideologically different and emotional prone to hate, always ready to pounce and expose any indiscretion.

A leader needs to remember who they are being, which includes at all times, even when being flippant and friendly with the public, press or staff. One should remember they are setting an example and benchmark about what is okay and what is not.? An effective leader establishes ?values? that the people can support and have a sense of pride in living and helping to deliver those values.

A leader should individually and through your support team create a ?values bank? of great examples however big and small, of how your core values have been lived.

Don?t give in to the whims of the few, or the hate generators, retain your values, as they are the foundational touchstone of you personally and professionally; do this by staying firm and strident in your endeavours and attend to issues that matter to the citizens of New Zealand. Despite your promises you have not attended to said core issue; you know what they are.

Of late I have lost my pride in you as a leader and your party. The time is now for you to open your ears and listen to the people who matter, take consistent action and watch your values grow as they in turn grow you. Our pride can then return. Here?s hoping you are listening.

I’m not sure he is listening…but his minions are reading. Maybe the message will get through, either that or we will soon see a series of posts on cat fancier, arts, travel and lifestyle blogger, David Farrar’s blog about the stunning achievements of a John Key led government in a bid to counter “negative” posts here.

I am no sycophant and will tell things as I see them or as my readers emails.

Things aren’t right within National, they have allowed a cult of personality to develop and those never end well.