Mediaworks staff throwing tanty over email snooping?

NBR reports:

The most telling indications of still-sinking staff morale, however, are the persistent rumours of senior management keeping tabs on staff communications.

Those that NBR has heard over several months include the claim that email groups via which regional news heads communicate with their staff were ? unbeknownst to them ? being blind cc-ed to Mr Weldon and/or some of his senior associates.

Another is that the Auckland-based IT department has been instructed to install filters on the company server for certain words and phrases (one staff member, for example, has told NBR of having to explain a private, entirely innocent email exchange that happened to include mention of another media organisation).

A MediaWorks spokeswoman has strongly denied those allegations, stating ?It is absolute nonsense that MediaWorks monitors staff communications.?

Really? Most businesses monitor the resources they provide staff members….I would.

That statement is simply not believable.

But on another note…these staff throwing a tanty…would they be the same staff that enjoyed sifting through all my emails and those of my friends?

When their bosses do it to them on their bosses own server all of a sudden there are “privacy issues” and little tantrums.

Suck it up cupcakes.