No fences for spa pools. Until the first kid drowns and a Twitter storm erupts

We are a great nation of knee jerk reactors. ?One person scuffs a knee we all need to wear knee pads.

So this spa pool decision is kind of pragmatic, but it isn?t going to save the next kid from drowning in one.

At which time a big uproar will occur and a petition for all spa pools to be fenced. ?You just know it.

People buying a spa will no longer need to worry about fencing it off under a law change.

A lockable cover will be sufficient protection under legislation that has passed its first reading today with cross-party support.

The Government has also backed away from lowering the depth at which pools need to be fenced after public backlash against the idea that paddling pools would be covered. ?

The new legislation will replace the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987, which significantly cut the number of children aged up to four who drowned in home swimming pools.

Such drownings decreased from 100 in the ten-year period before the measures were introduced, to 30 in the 10 years to 2012.

However, the Government said the regulations were inconsistent and “often cumbersome”, and changes were needed.

How many of those people actually drowned in swimming pools, or spa pools…and how many at council controlled rivers, lakes and beaches?

Yeah…you know the answer.

Just wait until some little snot nosed kid crawls onto someone else’s?property, hops into a spa and dies…then the TISOs will cause a Twitter storm and Steve Joyce will focus group it and John Key will flip flop.

The pool fencing act of 1987 was draconian overkill for a non-problem…and boy did the councils like turning up with their Stasi inspectors and shutting down paddling pools.


– A newspaper