Since when did Kongkaew Thoranong become the MP for Tauranga


Kongkaew Thoranong, National electorate MP for Tauranga

John Stringer’s?conNZervative has the exclusive

Simon Bridges the MP for Tauranga has been stolen online, on Facebook, by someone called Kongkaew Thoranong, who from a simple search, seems to have many personalities, perhaps of other well-known people in other countries. Simon is apparently widowed and now lives in Kent.

Simon is actually the Deputy Leader of the House, and current Minister of Energy and Resources, Minister of Transport, Associate Minister for Climate Change Issues, Associate Minister of Justice.


I?ve reported this fake account to Facebook, and advised minister Bridges, so the record can be put right; as that could get messy for a New Zealand minister of the Crown. I don?t like it when people mis-appropriate other people?s photos, which is what Colin Craig did to me in his silly glossy direct-mail booklet as well as taking and publishing my private Board and Party emails.

So far not a peep from Colin Craig serving John Stringer, although reading between the lines, John seems to?be going?for Craig just like Williams has. ? What a clusterflock??that has turned into. ?Craig will be keen for any legal action to be completed or settled before he departs on his next political adventure as the new Auckland mayoral hopeful or a reheated Conservative Party.