Sledge of the Day


Regular readers may want to sit down, I’m about to praise Bill English.

Yes, that’s right, I don’t often praise Bill English, but this morning I feel forced to because of three short sentences from yesterday’s acrimonious flag debate.

“We’ve found the Greens to deal with, disruptful and ungrateful. It doesn’t matter what you do with them, successful or not, the effort is ultimately greeted with personal invective, grabbing all the credit and attacks on the National Party,” English said. ??

“That is why we took seriously the one constructive thing I can think of, that the Greens have come up with in the last five or six years.

“Because as difficult and as disruptive and as ungrateful as they are – and occasionally dangerous – it turns out they’re less so than the Labour Party.”

That has got to be the Sledge of the Day.

The loathing?is dripping off every syllable of those few short sentences.

It basically highlights?the Greens’ problem – everyone hates them, including Labour,?they basically have a constituency of one at the moment, and if Winston hates them then they are screwed.

It?doesn’t matter how many trees they hug, unless they pretty much hug Winston to death they are going to stay in permanent opposition,?especially since the only people that hate the Greens more than National are Labour,?who will shaft them the moment they get a chance. And it is all because the Greens are?almost impossible to work with.

Well done Bill, you have Sledge of the Day.


– Fairfax