The hypocrisy of the Morgans never ceases to amaze me


Yesterday the news was all about VW cheating on their emissions test.

It included a whinge from Sam Morgan about pollution and “clean-air”.

?Trade Me founder Sam Morgan is among the Volkswagen drivers condemning the German automaker after the Environmental Protection Agency revealed that the company skirted clean air rules by rigging emissions tests for about 500,000 diesel cars.?

But Sam Morgan is is dirty polluter himself:


There will be no prosecution taken by the Otago Regional Council in relation to a burn-off at Hillend Station, Wanaka, last October, despite many official complaints about smoke from the fire blanketing the town.

The property is owned by TradeMe founder Sam Morgan and managed by Mike Scurr.

Oh dear…the sanctimony and hypocrisy is astonishing.

Sam Morgan and his dear old Dad are the same.


– A newspaper