This guy needs to harden up…oh wait

People are stupid, but this guy really is a?finalist for the world’s most stupid people

A 35-year-old British man landed himself a hospital after he took 35 Viagra pills in an hour, resulting in constant erections for five days.

Daniel Medforth, from Withernsea in East Yorkshire, was dared to take the pills and did so ‘for a laugh’, The Sun reported.

The father-of-two began to feel ill, and confided in his wife who called an ambulance.

“I ended up feeling sick, dizzy and hallucinating, everything I saw was green. And I had a massive erection that would not go away,” he told The Sun. ?

Medforth spent 36 hours in hospital in August and said that staff and paramedics who attended him saw the funny side of his painful predicament.

“The paramedics were very professional but you could see they were trying not to laugh. The doctors and nurses told me off,” he said.

After being sent home, Medforth was forced to spend several days in bed as the erections continued.

“It wasn’t a permanent erection but every time I brushed against something for five days it sprang into life and it was no use to me,” he told The Sun.

‘Fortunately my wife has forgiven me and I realise I have been very, very lucky.’

You could say he was rooted by the experience.


– Fairfax