Totally awesome

There are few people in politics who are truly awesome.

Most people involved are slimy weasels and very few wear their hearts on their sleeves.

One of Tony Abbott’s staff is one of those people.

One of the first words?Malcolm Turnbull heard after being named Australia’s 29th Prime Minister on Monday night was a four-letter expletive, not fit for publication, hurled by one of Tony Abbott’s junior staffers.

The story of Richard Dowdy’s spill night insult has already become legend?in Coalition staffer circles.

Mr Dowdy has been a staffer for Mr Abbott since late 2009, when the Member for Warringah knifed Malcolm Turnbull for the Liberal Party leadership. ??

Multiple sources have told Fairfax Media of Mr Dowdy’s reaction to Mr Turnbull’s successful wresting back of the top job nearly six years later.

One Liberal source recounted the incident.

“He said, ‘Malcolm, Malcolm, Malcolm,’ and then Malcolm turned around and he yelled ‘you’re a c—‘.”

The incident occurred late on Monday night after Mr Turnbull left the Blue Room in Parliament’s Ministerial wing having delivered his first media conference as Prime Minister designate.


That’s telling him.

In New Zealand it would quite different. When Don Brash rolled Bill English I’d lay money on it that the first person to grovel up to Don was Murray McCully, telling him he’d been on his side all along, followed up quickly by cat fancier, arts, lifestyle and travel blogger David Farrar, who would have said the same even though he went to bed the night before as the numbers man who couldn’t count for Bill English.

Then when John Key rolled Don Brash the exact same situation would have occurred.

I like people who pick a side and then die in a ditch for it. Richard Dowdy seems to be one of those few people.