Twitter clogged up with lefties swearing, study finds

We all know that Twitter is infested with lefty arseholes who just love the bully pulpit that Twitter has?become.

Left-wingers are prone to swearing on Twitter while conservatives are more likely to talk about God, a study suggests.

In analysing nearly a million tweets from more than 10,000 users, researchers not only found left-leaning liberals to be potty-mouthed, but also found they used more individual words like ‘me’ while conservatives opted more for the group-oriented ‘us.’

While the data was based on followers of Republican or Democratic party accounts, it reinforced previous studies suggesting left-wingers (think Labour and Green Party supporters) have a greater sense of their own uniqueness, while right-wingers (that’s National and ACT Party voters) are more likely to emphasise group identity and consensus.

‘Sh–‘ and the f-bomb were among the top ten words used by lefties (after common words were removed).

Researchers believed swearing was associated with lefties using more emotionally expressive language than their political opponents. ?
‘God’ and ‘psalm’ were popular words among conservatives, who more frequently used language associated with anxiety and feelings.

But New Zealand MPs weren’t quite in agreement with the report’s generalisations, based on their own experience.

Labour MP Trevor Mallard – who admitted he’s not stranger to the odd swear word on Twitter – said he considered conservatives the worst for using profanity.

“Some of the foulest language comes from extreme right-wingers,” he said.

Riiiight. Yeah Trevor…sure we are going to believe that. Fool. Remember Twitter was how you told two leaders that Labour would win elections.

Twitter is a joke. There is no upside to Twitter at all for politicians. You only have three types of followers…sychophants who reply to everything you tweet with +100 or some other inane comment, haters, who attack you no matter what and lurkers who just watch.

You are never going to convince anyone to change their mind via Twitter and any politician who thinks otherwise should be stepped out and whacked with a piece of 2×4 until they get it.

Basically though Twitter is full of Tedious Intellectual Show Offs (TISOs) or rabid fools…there isn’t much between them.


– Fairfax