What a waste of bacon

Of course PETA are upset, but all I can think of is the complete waste of prime bacon.

A New Zealand research project in blood spatter analysis used 9mm pistols to shoot animals at point blank range.

The project, carried out in 2009, used both slaughtered and live pigs to measure backspatter of blood and bone matter from gunshot wounds to the head.

The details of the experiment have only just come to light after the findings were recently published in the International Journal of Legal Medicine.

The project was a collaboration between researchers from the University of Otago, the University of Auckland and the Crown-funded Institute of Environmental Science and Research.

The findings were hoped to be able to help forensic scientists understand and interpret backspatter from gunshot fatalities. ??

Researchers used synthetic models of pig heads as well as the heads of 14 slaughtered pigs for the research, a mixture of wild animals, supermarket butchery animals and domestic farm animals.

An additional five live pigs were supplied by a local Otago piggery, all mature females.

Prior to shooting, the live pigs were sedated, anaesthetised and then strapped to a surgical table.

The skin above and between the eyes was shaved using electric clippers and then hair removal cream used to remove the remaining hair, causing rashes.

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In two instances, the live pigs began to spasm after they were shot, which nullified a large portion of the data they provided.

The experiment has drawn criticism from animal activist groups such as PETA.

Sounds reasonable to use pigs, but surely pedophiles would be more useful for this sort of thing.

But watch the Twitter outrage erupt now?#wasteofbacon


– Fairfax