And Labour doesn?t want people with Chinky sounding names despite them being better parents than those with Maori sounding names

Labour’s race-baiting housing policy led to anger in the Asian community as they were unfairly singled out as the cause of Auckland’s housing crisis.

Labour was scaring away people with chinky sounding names but the reality is we should be welcoming them here if only for the fact that they are better parents than many of our own feral citizens.

Lindsay Mitchell reveals that of all the children in state?care only 64 Asian children are in state care. If only the statistics for Maori were so rosy.

Talkback and news yesterday was dominated by the report from the Children’s Commissioner citing the inadequacies of state care and CYF.

It has inevitably been heavily politicised, for example by the DomPost this morning. They like to bitch at the current Minister.

A crucial failing: while 58 percent of the children in care are Maori, the system often fails to meet their needs. Some extra senior Maori staff have been appointed, the report notes, but many Maori staff are overworked. Major change is needed here. What is the Minister, a Pakeha with no obvious empathy or experience in Maori issues, doing about it?

So, the “system” often fails to meet the needs of Maori children.

First and foremost their parents and families failed to meet their needs. ?

All of these problems would disappear if every child had a parent or guardian dedicated to them. Pie in the sky? Not really. The Asian community almost achieves it.

The 0- 17 Asian population in New Zealand is around 119,500 according to the last census. There were 237,500 Maori of the same age.

Children in custody of MSD CE by ethnicity 2015

So the Maori population is double the Asian yet has 46 times more children in state care.

New Zealand, instead of overtly or covertly disapproving of Asians, should be looking at what they do that keeps their children safe and protected.

Lindsay Mitchell is right here…Labour should be hanging their heads in shame for attacking an area of the community who on these figures alone are model citizens?compared to the?the disgrace of our feral underclass.


– Lindsay Mitchell