Would adoption be a better solution than reforming CYFS?

Lindsay Mitchell, who knows more about welfare than most seems to think so.

Watching Paul Henry interview Anne Tolley about the latest CYF report was very dissatisfying. There was no discussion of getting to the real core of the problem. Only the terrible statistical outcome for those children who went into state care in 1991, then a lot of blaming of current hierarchy followed by dogged promises of change.

1/ There will always be children born into circumstances that warrant their removal. But when you pay people to reproduce there will be more.

2/ In the past most of these children were put up for adoption. That outcome wasn’t always ideal but it was a better alternative than constant upheaval and removal from one placement to another. Adoption delivered a better result than the philosophy of striving to keep the child with its birth mother or blood family at any cost. Because ultimately the child ends up in state care anyway more damaged than it would have been if adopted out at birth.

3/ Increasingly there are people who want and cannot have children. That’s abundantly clear from the burgeoning fertility treatment industry. ??

I’ve known a number of people who were adopted out at birth, and have read or heard other people’s stories. Most have relished the fact that their adoptive parents raised and loved them as their own and they were provided with stability and security. Some have had emotional and behavioural problems coming to terms with the circumstances of their birth and being ‘given up’. One I knew was getting into trouble with the law as a teenage boy; another was getting into trouble with the law because the family he was adopted into had strong gang links. But they were the exceptions.

Compare the now known results of being raised in state care:

? Almost 90 per cent were on a benefit;
? More than 25 per cent were on a benefit with a child;
? Almost 80 per cent did not have NCEA Level 2;
? More than 30 per cent had a youth justice referral by the age of 18;
? Almost 20 per cent had had a custodial sentence;
? Almost 40 per cent had a community sentence;
? Overall, six out of every 10 children in care are Maori.

My sister was adopted…I remember the day Mum and Dad proudly brought her home. Adoption is wonderful mostly…compared with CYFS care being mostly miserable.

Being stuck in traffic listening to bleeding heart liberals like Rachel Smalley, Tim Watkin and some other tart from Fairfax all exclaiming that the only solution was more money, lots more money just shows that socialists don’t have any answers, and are in fact mostly the problem.

We need to stop listening to wombles and start actually looking for real solutions, because leaving kids with ferals or worse taking them off one feral family to give to another feral family isn’t working.

And don’t even get me started on “whanau” solutions.


– Lindsay Mitchell