After insulting their public transport Andrew Little tells the Chinese all about his anti-chinks housing policy

Andrew Little is showing us daily what a complete tool he is.

Last week he suggested we sell beef to Hindus in India, and try for a FTA with a country we already have one with. Two days ago?he complained about Beijing traffic and suggested that they needed a rail loop despite Beijing have 18 lines of quality metropolitan rail services.

And yesterday on The Nation he explained to China’s vice-president all about Labour’s racist anti-chink housing policy.

I just want to ask what did you talk about in this meeting with the vice president?

Well, it was quite an extended meeting. It went way over time, but we talked about the importance of the relationship between the two countries, talked about the relationship between the Labour Party and the Communist Party, talked about the free-trade agreement because we’ve got the upgrade being talked about there at the moment. We talked about a couple of sensitive issues. I raised the issue about land sales, both house sales and farm sales and how New Zealanders are feeling increasingly sensitive about that, and also the issue about human rights, and I raised that with Vice President Li in the same way that I raised it with President Xi Jinping at the end of last year in New Zealand and just say that New Zealand’s expectation of countries they are getting closer to is that we see that their people are treated fairly and properly and good judicial systems. And I made a comment about it was interesting seeing a human rights award being given to Robert Mugabe, because most New Zealanders would not see Robert Mugabe as a champion of human rights but quite the opposite. But it was a good discussion, very warm and friendly, and I was very pleased to have the time I had with Vice President Li.

Oh dear lord…he raised Labour’s racist dogwhistle anti-chinks land policy, and then bangs on about human rights. What a muppet.

Well, in terms of the land sales, then, on The Nation we interviewed recently a very high-up Chinese diplomat, Madam Fu Ying, and she said that she would hate to see Chinese buyers being turned into a political target? Did you get that same impression from the vice president?

We actually had? once the formalities were over and we were just having a general chat, and he raised the land sales issue himself then, and we talked about land. He talked about in China that there’s so little arable and why land is so valuable and important to the Chinese. And we both agreed that, you know, people have a very emotional attachment to land as well and it’s no different for New Zealand and New Zealanders, and, you know, in New Zealand we want to be able to, you know, given the importance particularly of our farmland to the contribution to our national wealth, that we want to be able to control that and hold on to that. And certainly the sense I had was that he understood that.

Did he express any??

When it came to house sales?

Did he express any concern about the prospect of a ban, though?

No concern was expressed at all, because I think they have restrictions on land sales here in China to non-resident foreigners and plenty of other countries in the world do as well, and it wasn’t actually about that. I talked about the investment from China that we do welcome. I look at, you know, companies like Yashili and Yili, who are investing in dairy processing, because that’s generating jobs in New Zealand and generating wealth in New Zealand as well as benefiting the Chinese owners. And we talked about that through a foreign direct investment as something that’s very welcome, but there are sensitivities about land, especially when house sales to a non-resident foreigners is one contributing factor to pushing up house prices in Auckland, and he understood that.

And there is the lie right there. Andrew Little says he expressed no concern at all. Except the vice-president raised the issue…in diplomatic terms that is expressing concern. But Andrew Little is just too stupid to understand the grave insult he is visiting upon China when he moans about their public transport and then has to explain his anti-chinks land policies.

But the thing is with the TPP, if you cannot ban foreign buyers, would Labour then look at bringing in a stamp duty or some other kind of tax that would make it prohibitive for foreign buyers?

Well, that’s the suggestion that’s been made as some sort of side wind as to get around that particular provision. In the end, what it comes down to is the right of a people through their parliament and their elected representatives to determine what they do in their best interests, and when it comes to land sales and wanting to restrict sales to non-resident foreigners, then that’s a decision that the political system has to make.

But do you like that idea, Mr Little? Do you like that idea?

Well, there are plenty of countries that have pretty? there are plenty of countries that have pretty hefty stamp duties. That hasn’t stopped house prices rocketing up, and with the contribution of non-resident foreign buyers, so I’m not sure that’s necessarily an answer to that particular issue.

So, if stamp duties don’t work, then how will a capital gains tax work? As is usual Andrew Little has plenty to say and actually nothing at all.

Great trip so far, insulted the Chinese, made them lose face and waved his anti-Chinese housing policy in their face…way to go Andrew Little.


– 3News