All people are equal but not all cultures are equal



It is unpopular to say this but not all cultures are equal. All people are equal but if all cultures were equal we would not have the following words in our language.

  • Civilised
  • superior
  • enlightened
  • educated
  • moral
  • barbaric
  • uncivilised
  • bestial
  • perverted
  • deviant
  • uneducated
  • immoral
  • inferior

This equally applies to religions and political ideologies.We should not shy away from criticising cultures,religions or political ideologies ?that allow and encourage things that we consider barbaric, uncivilised, perverted and immoral. Politically correct people will want me to use the word different to describe something that promotes acts that my New Zealand culture considers to be perverted, immoral, uncivilised and barbaric.

Cannibalism for example is still happening in parts of the world. How would New Zealand deal with refugees or migrants to New Zealand who expect the right to eat human flesh while living in our country? After all they have been doing it for over a thousand years and it is very much a part of their culture.

What about cultures that mutilate young girls’ genitals by brutally cutting off ?their clitoris and do so while forcibly holding them down while they are fully conscious and in extreme agony?


Hazaa Said is not a cannibal but he is a pedophile and he is part of a culture that considers Pedophilia to be normal human behaviour.

Hazaa Said, 24, sent explicit messages to the fake schoolgirl – called ‘Amanda’ – before travelling to meet her in Newcastle city centre.

The pervert even sent a picture of his genitals before the meeting – not knowing they were being received by the Dark Justice campaign group.

The vigilantes filmed Said waiting for the supposed schoolgirl and contacted police with the messages.

Said, originally from Oman, told detectives he didn’t realise what he was doing was illegal in England.

The married man had been studying in London but was living in Newcastle at the time of the offence.

But at Newcastle Crown Court yesterday, Judge Tim Gittins told him: “Your excuse that you didn’t know the law of this country simply will not wash.

“It is right to say that your discussions centred around hugging and kissing her but you also said it would be nice to have sex with her, with an 11-year-old girl

“Further, to support that, you sent an explicit photograph of yourself.

“You went and met her, thinking you going to meet a girl who was well under age and you were met by the group that caught you, videoed you and contacted the police so that you could be dealt with.”

Said admitted attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming and was jailed for two years.

Jonathan Devlin, defending, said Said would struggle in custody as English is not his first language.

Mr Devlin added: “He is worried his marriage might not survive a custodial sentence.”

Prosecutor James Adkin told the court Said had started chatting to the girl over a dating site and their conversations moved to Whatsapp.


In one message, ‘Amanda’ asks: ‘Hey it’s Amanda 🙂 I’m 11 is that fine.’

Said replied: ‘Yup. Age doesn’t matter for me.’

Mr Adkin said: “It was made clear that she was 11 years of age. The defendant was 24.

“There were a number of conversations over the following days which culminated in the meeting arrangement.

“He said he was okay with her being 11 years old and said it would be nice to have sex. He asked her to send him pictures of herself.”

In this case Hazaa Said was punished for his perverted behaviour but in the very same country under age girls are being continuously raped by their adult ‘husbands’ and the pedophilia is ‘tolerated’ because the ‘marriage ‘ happened in the country of their ‘culture’ and is therefore given official recognition by the UK a so called civilised country.

Can you imagine a country that ‘tolerates’ cannibalism because the ceremony that made the person a cannibal happened in the country of their culture? Can you imagine authorities not protecting the victims of the cannibals and instead ‘tolerating’ the deaths in a so called civilised country?

The West has bent over backwards to tolerate inferior, barbaric, uncivilised, immoral cultures. It is well past time it stood up and said our way is better and to live in our culture you must change or leave.