Auckland Future’s Lack of Candidates

The nascent Auckland Future appears to have been soundly rejected by the current right wingers on council.

So far we have?been able to confirm that Councillors Wood, Quax & Stewart will not be joining. Cr Krum is concerned that Auckland Future will damage her chances in a tight election, and is also concerned that they will try to force her into policies that please Nikki Kaye voters but do not please Denise Krum voters. None of the new right wing candidates I know?about, declared or undeclared, are intending to join.

Chris Fletcher may join but is sitting on the fence (like she has always done) and waiting to see what is happening.

Desley ?Anastasia? Simpson, running in Orakei, is going to join, and the opportunist and all round dopey bastard Calum Penrose may be signed up. Penrose is likely to do what Noelene Raffils did with C&R, refuse to contribute to their campaign fund but leverage off their brand. ?? Out west the highly unpopular and exceptionally abrasive Linda Cooper is touted as a potential standard bearer for Auckland Future in an attempt to pretend three years of voting for left wing causes does not mean she is a left winger. Bill Cashmore is in a similar position.

Former National List MP Arthur Anae is rumoured to have been approached but has turned them down on the grounds he would not look good sharing a ticket with a woman who has had so much plastic surgery she looks like Barbie and drives a convertible Mercedes. Sources close to Anae say that he feels that Auckland Future is way too wishy washy liberal elite for South Aucklanders.

A competent campaign organisation would have sorted out its candidates before launching. Then again, a competent campaign organisation would not let Nikki Kaye tell former cabinet ministers that if they run on the ticket they will have to sign up to her policies and agree to be whipped. Nikki Kaye telling Wayne Mapp this was probably not a good move on Nikki?s part.

A competent campaign organisation also wouldn’t let Michelle Boag near it with a ten foot barge pole. The last time she ran anything they got 21% in an election.