Auckland’s Dopiest Councillor – Calum Penrose

The tipline has been running hot with stories about Cr Calum Penrose, the man with the reverse midas touch.

This idiot is apparently responsible for one of the silliest projects in Auckland, the Papakura Golf Course Housing Estate.

Auckland needs houses, but it doesn’t need houses on flood plains. The only reason there is a golf course there is because it is a flood plain, and golf courses can sustain flooding that houses can?t. Local residents wonder what the hell is going on as they see the golf course flood regularly.

Stormwater tops the issues causing concern. The old golf course is prone to flooding, and is the major hurdle to be overcome before any development can take place.

Yet Penrose is running around telling everyone what a fantastic thing for Auckland the flood plain housing estate is going to be. ?

Calum Penrose comments ?Bellfield Road will be a wonderful development which will uplift everything around it. It will be a fantastic community facility for recreation and just as a general go-to place.
?It’s what needs to happen.?

Dopey bastards like Calum Penrose are why we need two major law changes in local government: recall elections and financial liability for dopey decisions. Until then we will have more and more halfwits making more and more dopey decisions like Calum Penrose does.

In less than 12 months Aucklanders will have the chance to vote out dopey bastards like Penrose, and they should take it.

Calum Penrose is also one of the dopey councillors who voted to let a five-year ban on set netting in Arkles Bay be overturned, ignoring local wishes. The first dead dolphin that turns up is going to be named after him.