Cam Slater’s Dodgy Unions book now #1 Best Seller on Amazon


The last week has been rather humourous. ?Many?copies of Dodgy Unions have been seen at the CTU conference for example. ?We’ve sent copies out to all Labour MPs with special personal messages. ? Whenever we do something, we always try to include a good dose of humour. ? Annette King got one with “…at least this will last longer than the flowers”.

We noticed that the media and the Left were very quiet. ? Almost like they had agreed to not give the book any oxygen. ?Excellent strategy.

Now the Left have outrage cornered. ?They own it. ?It’s what they do best. ? How could we engineer some of it?

I have, of course, read the book, so I left a review on Amazon. ? I didn’t create a fake account. ?I put it under my own account, with my own name on it. ? However, as we did that, we saw that you can have a “Screen Name” for reviews – oh what fun. ? So I picked B Edwards. ? B Edwards is a politically loaded name. ?Brian? ?Bryce? ?Brent? ?I knew that some people would be immediately check – is it you? ?No? ?How about you?

I was subsequently “busted” by some leftie sleuths who though they had ‘exposed’ me. ? Oh my. ?Twitter, The Blog of the Damned and other places lit up. ? The outrage! ? ?The orders!!!

It was good to see that the old Dirty Politics tricks still work. ? Create a bit of outrage, and the rest takes care of itself.

It’s clear from sales that the majority of book sales have gone to the left side of politics.

And please, don’t stop now. ? We would like you to consider it a great “secret Santa” gift, or a joke gift for stocking stuffers ?this Christmas. ? Worse than socks, surely?

So thank you, all, for making Dodgy Unions a Number 1 book in its category on Amazon. ?We couldn’t ?have done it without you, and even though you just needed a little prompting, you came through for us again.

Here’s to all you TISOs out there. ?You’re wonderful. ?And we truly couldn’t have done it without you.


– Pete