Court case so boring and drawn out, even Dotcom can’t be arsed turning up

Things must be getting really bad when the defendant’s dictation aficionado?and fancier of fatty German sausage doesn’t even bother going to court.

There’s no end in sight for Kim Dotcom’s extradition hearing – scheduled to [have ended yesterday]?- and even his lawyers aren’t sure what’s happening.

The group’s lawyers are expected to present submissions on two further points as part of their application, which allowing time for a Crown response, could take several weeks.

Mr Mansfield said [yesterday]?he and his colleagues had filed memorandums with Judge Dawson [Thursday], asking for an indication of how long the case would take. ?

He was due at a jury trial in Nelson at the start of November, he said, but the hearing looked likely to continue into that month.

Dotcom himself did not appear in court today in spite of requirements to do so, causing Judge Dawson to demand an explanation.

Mr Mansfield apologised and said his client had been awake all night with back pain, which was “causing him significant grief”.

He was excused from appearing for the day.

The extradition hearing itself has been delayed 10 times, as related legal action wound its way through the courts.

Sore back.

He needs to get a dog. ?That way the dog can eat some critical court papers.


– NZN via 3 News