Dirty Media meets Dodgy Unions, this time over gun control

So Radio Live host Duncan Garner and his TV3 co-host Heather Du Plessis-Allan have got a hold of a gun through mail order from Gun City. This is sure to propel to the front of the news a discussion around gun control and a whole lot of panic, to the detriment of rational conversation and law abiding gun owners.

Firstly if someone has obtained a gun illegally and have broken the law – they should be prosecuted just like everyone else would be. Journalists included.

There are good reasons for that suggestion. Firstly for the Police to prove that they are actually onto managing firearms offences when they occur and secondly to ensure the law isn’t mocked by inaction. Inaction on this example surely points the finger of blame back on the Police for not doing enough about it. Nobody can rightfully whinge about guns getting into the wrong hands when the Police won’t take the law seriously and prosecute law breakers.

I also note that the point made by journalists in this instance is grossly undermined if they are not themselves charged. You can’t cry wolf about gun laws and then when you break those laws – expect not to be prosecuted.

The Police have no choice but to prosecute the journalists concerned.

But I wish to make another more pertinent point about why this topic is even in the news.

Police Association president Greg O’Connor was quick to get on the radio after this story broke on Radio Live and state that there is a big issue with guns in NZ.

But Greg has been working hard lately to get all Police officers armed with Glock pistols. Rather than carry Glocks in the squad cars he wants Glocks on the hips of every cop. Greg claimed that thugs are increasingly obtaining guns illegally and thus cops need to also be armed. ??

You can see where this is going.

The government said ‘no’ because cops are now already armed with Tasers on their belts. A pistol is just not needed. Particularly in absence of a reason.

Greg wants cops to have guns so he isn’t going to roll over easily so he has lately been telling anyone who will listen.

Surprise surprise someone has taken the bait and run a story, buying a gun illegally.

But is there actually a problem that people are buying guns illegally?

I doubt it. The cops hardly even check gun shop logs so how would they know?

I don’t mind that we have strict gun laws. Not everyone in society is suitable to own a gun. If there are certain things that need refining like the rules around online sales and it is reasonably justified with empirical evidence (such as evidence of a requisite link between an increasing number of firearm deaths or Police confrontations – and illegal purchasing of firearms) – then let’s have a discussion. But there is no evidence of it. It’s anecdotal and heresay.

In this case the journalists forged a police signature and details, used a real licence but fake names. They committed a fraud and forgery in order to illegally obtain a firearm.

And let’s also be clear – thugs will always find a gun. You could ban all guns in NZ and a thug will turn up to a crime with a gun.

If you ban guns, prohibition proves people will make them. The Philippines for example is well known for? its backyard pistol craftsmen who make illegal guns. Hey you can even print them these days.

But for the sake of the multitudes of responsible firearms owners – can the Media Party have a rational discussion based on facts and not overlook those who are promoting an agenda at the same time.