Dirty Media – Who feeds Fran?

A newspaper during Dirty Politics liked to use diagrams.

Well here at Whaleoil we like diagrams as well…we especially like this one.


There is more to come on this story, but it will make you wonder how Fran O’Sullivan can sit on a stage with recently redundant Dita di Boni discussing the future of funding media when she is very privately feathering her own nest from her roles at the NZ Herald and NZME. rather nicely.

What will be revealed is the murky trading of secrets, money and native advertising, oh and yes a bit of proof reading and fact checking by a state employee who has nothing to do with media relations. This snitch in NZTE is responsible, ironically, for “building deeper commercial relationships”.

Dita di Boni read out a statement on Tuesday night at the lefty and luvvie spin-fest with Nicky Hager, John Campbell and Fran O’Sullivan. It was from Jane Hastings about how journalists at the NZ Herald could look for native advertising opportunities from within their stories…we will give her the benefit of the doubt that she has not yet witnessed how Fran O’Sullivan is lining her pockets.

While from a capitalist point of view this is admirable, we are told that it is highly unethical for journalists to be involved in this sort of behaviour. It is certainly against APN’s Editorial Code of Ethics which states:

Journalists must not profit from information they receive in their journalistic capacity nor use their position to obtain any financial or other benefit for themselves or their families or associates. ?

Where a journalist has a significant personal interest in an issue or event the publisher will disclose such interest in any relevant articles written by the journalist. ?

Journalists must not participate in community or political activities that compromise their work or their publisher?s credibility and objectivity.

As I said more to come…