Dodgy Union brings violence and bullying to picket lines at Bunnings stores


Bill Bradford stopping shoppers from entering Bunnings

I covered First Union in Dodgy Unions, and now they are running amok against Bunnings bringing?violence and bullying to the picket line as they trespass inside stores.

Little wonder that it is Sue Bradford and her ratbag husband Bill Bradford in the forefront of it all.

Scuffles have broken out and police have stepped in as more than 50 people protest in Auckland against Bunnings roster changes.

The Bunnings New Lynn, Botany, Mt Wellington and Manukau staff, who say they received great public support, began striking at 10am on Saturday.

First Union retail and finance secretary Myxine Gay said after the strike finished at 11am, staff stayed in position, chained to the entrance.

Police, who were already at the strike “keeping an eye” on the event, stepped in to move the protest on but protesters refused to move. ??

“Staff were making a point. Bunnings always want to be in control of their lives and this is what it felt like to have no control.”

The was a bit of argy-barge with police but once protesters unchained themselves police moved away, Gay said.

“The police stood watch but the irony is they actually kept customers away from the store.”

When the protest finished and striking staff went back into the store, they got pats on the backs and congratulations from fellow staff and customers, Gay said.


Sue Bradford stopping customers from entering Bunnings

These retards don’t get it…if they stop customers going to the store then they are impinging on their rights to shop unaffected by cretins. Secondly if the store loses money and customers through their actions then job losses are likely.

Leni Niuia, who works four days and 40 hours each week at the Mt Wellington store, said workers were striking for “family time”.

“We need to be treated better. Yes, we have jobs to do but we have no time for our family. If we want to take days off we need to write a letter to Bunnings and they make a decision on what is good for business,” she said.

How stupid is that one? She wants more family time? She has 3 days off a week…and does a full roster of 40 hours in 4 days. The stupid is strong in that one.

As I said in Dodgy Unions:

FIRST?Union is the successor of one of the three unions I belonged to in the days of compulsory unionism. As mentioned in the opening chapter, I was able to nearly double my salary negotiating for myself, rather than being on a union contract.

FIRST Union is the second largest private sector union, and has the second highest wage bill of all the public sector unions, spending over 60% of its income on staff costs. It made the highest surplus of all unions in the last financial year recorded.

But they don’t publish their accounts on their website and they have over $5 million in equity.

They are illegally trespassing, preventing customers from entering and using violence and bullying to promote their cause. With these tactics all they are going to achieve is pissing people off including the employer and in all likelihood cost people jobs.

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– Fairfax, TVNZ