Fran O?Sullivan, Secret tip-offs and Bullying an OIA Requester

A?concerned citizen passed me OIA documents as a result of his research into Nicky Hager?s book, the book all about me called Dirty Politics. He wanted to out bloggers and public relations people in the pay of the taxpayer and to check out the links with the National Party. Not surprisingly he found zero cash passed to me as (sadly) I am not and never have been on the payroll of the 9th floor in any way shape or form.

What the requester found however was that after OIA?ing for Fran O?Sullivan?s response that the first official response from NZTE about Fran O?Sullivan was on 21st April 2015.


But he then found this tweet TWO weeks earlier where Fran O?Sullivan made a snarky comment about him. Coincidence?


How did she know it was him that requested the information about her? NZTE have confirmed the first official response to be on the 21st April.

Does this mean Fran O?Sullivan has a contact so good for her in NZTE that she received a heads-up about this request?

Not content with this, she wrote and objected to the request and asked NZTE to check the bona fides of the requester.



New Zealand?s political journalists during Dirty Politics went on a whinge fest about OIA?s and my ability to receive information. They accused Judith Collins of all manner of impropriety.

But here we have an example of not only one of their own:

  1. bullying the requester by outing him on Twitter,
  2. receiving a tip-off in advance as well as
  3. then objecting to information released about her that was held on public record. We will cover this at a later date.

Obviously the rules surrounding OIA?s only apply to ?other people? when a journalist is after them and not when the shoe is on the other foot and the ethics of a journalist are questioned.

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