Fuddy duddy Nats need to get with the program


National are dragging the chain on medicinal cannabis…they are showing their fuddy duddy approach to politics.

All over the world liberalisation of cannabis laws are happening but here John Key would rather change the flag than help the sick and the dying.

Story reports:

Medical marijuana used to be seen as a fringe option, a mad alternative to conventional drugs, but not anymore.

These days in many countries it has already been approved to treat a number of conditions.

But that is not happening in New Zealand. It has been heart-breaking for the sick people and their families who believe it can help them.

One of those people is the President of the Council of Trade Unions and cancer patient, Helen Kelly.

Ms Kelly wants an exemption from the Government to use medicinal cannabis oil.

Just as an aside, isn?t it weird that the greatest good Helen Kelly may get to do is start the movement for medical marijuana?

Labour MP Damien O’Connor is working on a private members bill to streamline the approval process and make the medicine that’s already available more accessible.

“I think the vast majority of New Zealanders know there is sense in using cannabis for people in different situations. We don’t want to open the door for decriminalisation, which in my view is one step too far,” says Mr O’Connor.

Other countries, including Australia, Canada, Germany and Italy, have already allowed cannabis to be more readily available in medicine.

Story asked New Zealand politicians to comment on the matter. Many who play a role in changing or keeping the law had strong views, but others were undecided.

One of the problems is that people often confuse allowing medicinal cannabis products with legalising the drug for recreation use.

So for many politicians it’s a tough issue that’s staying in the too-hard basket.

Let’s start with medical use…then liberalise for recreational use. Cannabis does far less harm than alcohol, and alcohol can be sold in supermarkets.


– Story, Tv3