Hipkins misses the point in his bid to increase union membership

Chris Hipkins has missed the point in his one man bid to increase union membership for the NZEI.

Labour would introduce a minimum qualification requirement for all early childhood educators, seeking to curb the rapid growth of taxpayer-subsidised nannies and au pairs.

The party’s education spokesman Chris Hipkins says early childhood funding should be focused on boosting participation in quality, free services, and ensuring value for money.

“Instead it is going on subsidies towards nannies and au pairs for those who can afford to make that choice, while children from low-income families still top the statistics for non-participation,” he said.

“Surely the Government should be just as focused on ensuring that services are delivering quality as they are on increasing bums on seats.”

Mr Hipkins’ comments follow a Herald report from the weekend which revealed rapid growth in the home-based sector, with a record number of children – 25,000 – now in government-subsidised services which don’t require educators to have have any qualifications. ?

“Home-based early childhood care has been the fastest growing part of the sector and yet the quality controls and accountability regime is incredibly loose,” he said.

“Not long ago Hekia Parata quietly shelved a review of home-based services, saying the National government would rather focus on boosting participation. It was a bad call, with millions of dollars of public money now being pumped into paying unqualified nannies and au pairs with questionable educational results.”

There is a reason people are seeking home based services…mostly it is they don’t like what is delivered up in union dominated education facilities. It isn’t like there is a huge increase of hippies either.

But Labour’s and Hipkins’ solution is to require qualifications and try to force out those home based services.

The truly funny thing is that this has all come about because the master legislator Trevor Mallard, who put the legislation in place, never envisaged that the market would adapt to his distortion. If I had a dollar for every politicians who moaned about unintended circumstances then I’d be a billionaire.

So, instead of rounding on his mate Mallard and blaming him for inept legislation Hipkins instead blames Hekia Parata.

Perhaps Hipkins might like to fix up Mallard’s stuff ups before moaning about other people and their lack of skill in the sector.


– A newspaper