Labour have gone to the dogs since Mike Williams left, and here?s another example


Mike Williams is a good bastard, with only two failings, the first is he worked for Labour, the second is he is friends with Michelle Boag.

Nevertheless he has made a great observation which I am sure will have the hard left frothing and trying to do him in.

Former Labour Party president Mike Williams has suggested there is no need for Te Reo in prisons because it does not help inmates get a job once they are released.

Mr Williams was speaking for the New Zealand Howard League in an official capacity when he made the comments at a public discussion about prisons this week.

M?ori make up more than half the country’s prison population.

Mr Williams was asked by an audience member if there should be encouragement for more M?ori culture and Te Reo use in New Zealand jails. ?

“My response is that New Zealand runs on English – and that’s the reality of it – we speak English,” Mr Williams replied.

Mr Williams continued, saying:

“[If] you want to go and get a job, don’t bowl up speaking M?ori.

“This is the reality we have to deal with… I can speak French and German but I don’t try to buy a bus ticket with either of those languages.”

Mr Williams’ comments provoked a surprised and audible response from some in the audience at the University of Auckland, at an event organised by the JustSpeak group.

Giovanni Tiso and Martyn Martin Bradbury will get all exercised about this, but Mike Williams is dead right.

It reminds of the time Hiwi Tauroa stood for National in Eden electorate. At one selection meeting he told everyone that learning Te Reo should be compulsory, and it would open doors.

Some wag called out…”yeah, cell doors”.