No suprises here: NRA more popular than Democrats

Truth Revolt reports:

The Democrats’ attempt to demonize America’s most prominent gun rights group doesn’t seem to be working.?It apparently is vastly more popular than even the Dems’?two most prominent figures.

According to a new Gallup Poll,?58 percent of Americans surveyed said they have a favorable view of the National Rifle Association, while 35 percent said they have an unfavorable view,?says Fox News.

Compare this to recent approval ratings for President Obama?and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who recently announced that she would support tougher gun laws if?elected President.

According to a Gallup Poll between Oct.19-21, just under 50 percent approve of Obama?s job performance, while 45 percent disapprove. Meanwhile, in an NBC/Wall Street Journalsurvey of Americans taken Oct. 15-18, 39 percent of those surveyed had a favorable view of Clinton, compared to 48 percent with an unfavorable view. ?

Gallup noted that

?In a year plagued with mass shootings, including a recent tragedy at a community college in Oregon, there has been a national debate as to whether the NRA, with its ardent support for gun rights, is somehow complicit in these shootings.

?Gallup’s survey shows that, even after shootings nationwide, Americans overall still have a favorable opinion of the NRA, as they typically have, suggesting that the public may not be specifically blaming the organization for the crimes of those who commit mass shootings.?

At the bottom of the heap is?Congress. According to the latest Associated Press/GFK poll taken from Oct. 15-19, only 16 percent of Americans 18 years and older approve of Congress’ job performance, compared to 83 percent who disapprove.

The NRA is simply the best political lobbying organisation in?the?world. They are effective advocates for their members.

Politicians who propose reducing the effectiveness of the Second Amendment find themselves challenged, as does anyone who proposes bans or restrictions.

Barack Obama has become the world’s best gun salesman with share prices and sales of product from gun manufacturers soaring every time he proposes bans.

You take on the NRA at your peril.


– Truth Revolt