Phil Goff caught on the flip flop again

Phil Goff wants to be Mayor of Auckland. He hasn’t said as much but is furiously raising his profile and getting himself in the news.

He is lucky he has his column in the Sunday Star-Times every second week and this week he chose to suddenly show concern for veterans’ families seeking repatriation of remains, in particular from Terendak in Malaysia.

Goff it seems has come to think it is necessary and whilst veterans’ families will be grateful for his support it was Phil Goff who was Minister of Defence in 2007 when this was last looked at and rejected.

As recently as May this year Phil Goff was also opposed to the suggestion of changing the policy and attacked Judith Collins for it.

She points this out in response to his latest column.

Phil, it is great to now have your support on this important issue, which I raised in my column back in May. Back then you accused me of political point-scoring, so I am very pleased to see your attitude has shifted and you’re now giving this issue the respect it deserves. ?

There are fallen New Zealanders left behind in Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Korea. It is true the cemeteries in which they lie are not always as well looked after or as respected as we would like. Veterans are understandably concerned and I share that concern.

Policies can change, just as the RSA’s stance has changed. I’m sure it’s something the Government would consider if there is sufficient concern. This is not only about showing respect for the fallen, but also about realistically bringing those we can home to their families and friends.

As I said in May, I wonder if this is something that can be done, and if so, what would it take?

Bring the veterans’ remains home. Everyone seems to want this to happen, particularly from remote or unkempt grave sites like Terendak.

But this serves as a reminder as to the appropriateness of someone like Phil Goff wanting to be the Mayor of Auckland.

The very thought of this former war protester, a man who spat in veterans’ faces and helped throw paint over them,?the man who flew a Viet Cong flag from the Auckland Cenotaph now showing such great concern for veterans’ families is just a little bit sickening. This is particularly crass of Goff because the remains are of veterans not of the Malayan conflict, rather they are fallen from Vietnam, the very same war that Phil Goff spent abusing returning soldiers. Back then he?spat in veterans’ faces….now he uses veterans to promote his claim on the mayoralty.

I truly hope his new found respect for veterans is genuine. But he is no fit person to lead this city, not with his flip flopping and his inherent dishonesty.


– Fairfax