The Changing Hats of Fran O?Sullivan – NZ Inc. or NZME. ?


So far we have looked at the following in this series:
And so we begin
Telling the Truth about Fran O’Sullivan and Dirty Politics
Dirty Politics and Fran O?Sullivan?s ?Unethical Alliance? With Bloggers
Dirty Media – Who feeds Fran?
Dirty Media ? a nice bit of confusion over names, and just who or what is NZ Inc?

On the 16th September 2014 an Application for Trademark of NZ Inc and New Zealand Inc was made by Fran O?Sullivan.


This cleverly further blurred the company owned by Fran O?Sullivan with the government strategy so often quoted in jargon and buzzwords talked by MFAT officials.

Her boy Tim McCready of NZ Inc. is on something called the Leadership Network Advisory Group for something called the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

They bill themselves as ?New Zealand?s leading non-government authority on Asia?.

MFAT?s own website?bills them as one of the ?agencies in the NZ Inc strategy?. They are listed with other departments such as Treasury.

They also have a tie in with the NZ Herald, sponsoring an exchange with at least one of its reporters. They sponsor all manner of reporters in the industry on junkets. While on these junkets it is very difficult to actually report critical analysis and so none seems to result.

BusinessDesk journalist Paul McBeth is on an exchange at the Shanghai Daily News with support from Asia New Zealand Foundation

O?Sullivan has close ties with MFAT through her friendship with various key personnel on the Wellington cocktail circuit and Minister Groser. From emails in my possession I can reliably inform you her relationship with McCully isn?t such a happy one.


Ivan Kinsella

At NZTE she has a close alliance with Ivan Kinsella.

He is also responsible for building deeper commercial relationships with large Chinese corporates, particularly Chinese State Owned Enterprises, and works closely with other New Zealand agencies and organisations.

Kinsella is based in Beijing and is a career diplomat as the Director for Commercial and Investment Relations in China.

An OIA was performed by a concerned citizen post Dirty Politics targeting a list of PR professionals and bloggers including myself. It was handed to me to run these stories when the citizen was impressed I was not and never have been on the take from the tight and stingy National Party or any government department.

Official correspondence with Kinsella shows a continuing fudge between the hats of Fran O?Sullivan Editorial Director ? Business at NZME. and Fran O?Sullivan owner of New Zealand Inc. One such exchange on NZME. email.

Fran-mail1 Fran-mail2

And this reference to ?our offices? to meet New Zealand Inc?s Tim McCready, is that the NZ Inc offices or the NZ Herald?s? O?Sullivan has written this email on NZ Herald email despite the redactions.

This uncritical article appears in Capital Markets a week later written by Alex Speirs this time with his NZ Herald hat on.

AlexIvan Kinsella is also providing editorial services to the NZME Editorial Director ? Business correcting a mistake in this article about residential housing with focus on Chinese investors.



Alex Speirs travelled to China around May 2015.

Once again was he there for NZ Inc. business or solely the NZ Herald?

His trip was paid for by the generous Asia New Zealand Foundation.



O?Sullivan communicated on NZ Herald email with Ivan Kinsella to check up on her charge asking questions that she could have asked Speirs. Quite in what capacity a NZ public servant has to be working checking up on employees of a private sector organisation is anyone?s guess.



Kinsella, a public servant working for NZTE also communicated with a journalist/business service owner the following regarding a wealthy Chinese man. The purpose of the communication is unknown.


Some questions:

  1. ?What do you have to do when doing business in China or are from the Mainland to get a story in the Herald?
  2. Are any of these stories ever critical or are they advertorial or once over lightly press release interviews like this one?
  3. Which part of the business section now at the NZ Herald is paid for and which is genuine news written by actual journalists practicing journalism and not public relations or paid for gentle puff pieces from a trip by these private sector/government authorities?
  4. Surely the business section has to have the highest amount of journalistic integrity and separation of commercial activity, junkets leading to puff pieces and with it real journalism? After all, many in the media and the commentariat during Dirty Politics focused on my commercial activities on this blog and cited it as a reason I shouldn?t be called a ?journalist?.
  5. When did the NZ Herald last do any critical business analysis of China and doing business in China? As in – how poorly New Zealand companies do it? And the darker side of what happens in China?
  6. Is the Asia New Zealand Foundation actually the most effective PR organization for the Chinese in New Zealand currently?
  7. Has Fran O?Sullivan ever received payment for services from NZTE? What for? And who authorized these payments (if any)?
  8. When Dita De Boni read out the comments from Jane Hastings on Tuesday night as she sat on a panel with Nicky Hager and Fran O?Sullivan chaired by John Campbell, is this the sort of native advertising Hastings meant?

More to come…