The left are in total disarray over TPP


Earlier today we saw Andrew Little flip flop in less than 24 hours from being against the TPP to not being against it. ? We then segued into Chris Trotter’s work who on the basis of Andrew Little’s strong opposition to the TPP less than 24 hours earlier had declared 2017 a win for a Labour-led government.

Yesterday, Andrew Little said the TPP could not be supported by Labour because it only met one of the five bottom line requirements. ? That bottom line requirement that the TPP does meet, according to Labour?

Treaty Obligations.


Not according to the First Union. ?

The President of a leading trade union opponent of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is warning New Zealanders that we cannot be sure whether the deal enforces protection for the Treaty of Waitangi until we?ve seen the full text.

“The government has signalled that the agreement will contain a Treaty clause, but we won?t know how the clause will work until the full text is released and a close legal analysis is undertaken,” says FIRST Union President Syd Keepa.

“How can we trust the government?s word after it failed to properly consult with te iwi Maori? At no point did the government seek independent legal advice on the Treaty implications of the deal.”

“Upholding the Treaty of Waitangi is one of Labour?s bottom lines for the TPPA. I?m calling on Labour?s Maori caucus to conduct a comprehensive analysis of whether this bottom line is satisfied once the text is finally released.”

No Syd, No!!!, it’s no longer a bottom line for Labour. ? I know that’s what you told Andrew to say yesterday, and you thought you were all on the same page, but you let that press release go before someone told you Andrew now does not have?any bottom lines for the TPP – Labour are no longer against it.

Oh, there will be “reluctance”, and “dissatisfaction”, and “chances to improve it”, but in essence, Andrew Little just threw the unions under the bus.

The carefully crafted attack on National created during the holiday break lasted less than a day.

It is clear you can intimidate Andrew Little to run your attack lines. ?But the problem is that once faced with opposition from his own party, and not under your immediate influence, he can be intimidated into presenting the polar opposite view the next day.

That’s the problem with having a union sock puppet as a Labour Party leader – unless you keep someone close by to apply pressure to Little’s gentleman’s area to remind him who’s boss, he’ll go with the path of least resistance.

We haven’t been presented with such a spectacular public failure of a union initiated plan for some time. ? I, for one, am savouring it.

Strange, risky behaviour?

Against it, For it, Against it, For it, Against it….