The only solution is to kill them before they kill us

ISIS are celebrating Palestinian stabbings of Jews in Israel on social media using children.

Truth Revolt reports:

Social media is one of the tools ISIS uses to push its propaganda to the widest available audience. The Islamic terrorist group is not one to shy away from utilizing extreme shock value to proselytize its message of “death to the infidels.” And that is never more apparent than in its latest spreading of images of very young children brandishing knives and adorned in Palestinian garb — an obvious ode to recent stabbing attacks against Jews in the West Bank. ?

UK’s Express published a few of the photos from Twitter and Instagram. Captions attached to the photos read:

“Teach your children to love Palestine and take up knives. Oh people of Palestine. The next generation will be the generation of stabbings and slaughter.?


?my little girl rebelling and rising up.”

Golda Meir once famously said:

Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.

That doesn’t look like it is coming any time soon. This sort of hateful brainwashing goes unreported by the Media Party in New Zealand.

ISIS proclaims they are members of the Religion of peace? No way, it is a death cult and we should kill them before they kill us.


– Truth Revolt