The Public have an appetite for ‘ Rebel ‘ media

It has always amused me that both ?Whaleoil and Charter Schools have been called controversial by the MSM. Charter schools aren’t controversial, they are just a different model. They are only called controversial because the PPTA has a campaign against them just like Whaleoil has a left wing campaign against it. It seems if there is a politically active group doing their very best to silence and destroy you that makes you controversial in the Mainstream Media’s eyes.

No matter how many negative adjectives the MSM uses there is a clear public appetite for ‘ controversial ‘ or ‘ rebel ‘ ways of doing things. According to the latest?Open Parachute figures ?Whaleoil is still number one by a million country miles.

Public interest in different ‘ rebel ‘ media models like Whaleoil isn’t limited to New Zealand. One great example from Canada is run by Ezra Levant.

Ezra is building a site where Canadians can find the other side of the news.

Have?you been watching this federal election campaign? It?s like a campaign ad for Muslim niqabs. That, and defending convicted terrorists? rights to remain Canadian citizens.

And I don?t just mean from the politicians. I mean?from?the media itself.?Their conduct is outrageous. They?re not even pretending to be neutral.

The media couldn?t be more in love with Muslim niqabs ? the misogynist face-mask that women are forced to wear in radical Islam. Every opinion poll shows that between 80% and 90% of Canadians are opposed to these degrading, dehumanizing hoods. But the mainstream media are at least 80%?in favour?of them ? calling anyone who objects a racist.

Same thing on stripping convicted terrorists, who are dual citizens, of their Canadian citizenship. The media hate that common sense law.

To me the most shocking moment was when the Conservatives announced a help line for young Muslim girls who are worried about becoming victims of a so-called ?honour crime? ? whether it?s a forced marriage, or female genital mutilation, or even worrying about being killed like Aqsa Parve.?The media ridiculed that, calling it a ?snitch line?.

I thought the media were liberal, even feminist. Since when do they take sides?against?victims of abuse?

The views/bias of the Canadian Media and the fact that they are not reflecting the views/bias of their readership has created a void that Rebel media is now filling at a rapid rate.

We only started seven months ago, but we?re?already getting more than one million visits a month to our?website. We?ve?produced more than 1,500 videos, some of which have been viewed hundreds of thousands?of times. Canadians are hungry for the?other side of the story. And whether it?s our coverage on the niqab issue, or Muslim migrants in Europe, or even the Muslims-only public housing in Toronto, we provide Canadians with news and opinion they just can?t find anywhere else.

Ezra wants?to?broadcast real?TV shows, from a real studio in order to directly compete. Thanks to technology it looks like he will be able to take on the incumbent for only cents on the dollar. That is the problem with Mainstream Media today. They are stuck with millions of dollars of infrastructure which new Media can challenge at a fraction of the cost. Newspapers for example are stuck with the cost of printing?news that is already hours old by the time it is delivered while an exclusively online competitor can publish as it happens.

A studio can cost a million dollars and just staffing a TV studio requires a half dozen?employees but Ezra has found?a high-tech?answer.

If we?build a small, sound-proof studio, we can put what?s called a ?green screen? in it, and?tape the show in front of it. A computer automatically?projects a ?virtual??background on the green screen ? making it look like we?re in a gorgeous TV studio that would?cost a million dollars in real life.

Even?better, we?ve found a green screen system that only needs a?single person to operate it.

We?ve been working on this for months. But watching this outrageously-biased election campaign was enough to make me say, ?start building!?

So we?ve?started. We?re going to build a real studio, and start producing real,?hour-long TV shows in addition to the short clips we?ve been producing?so far.

In fact, construction is underway, and we expect to have the studio operational on?October 19th, for a live election night special.

The CBC builds their studios with the $1 billion a year they wring out of taxpayers.?We can build our studio for $85,000.

He is crowd funding the cost of the studio and with his current level of readership I think that it is very likely that he will successfully raise the money. In today’s world the public have choice and controversial or not Rebel media has a significant ?audience.