This will make you laugh: John Key simply not dignified enough for the NZ Herald

09072010 news photo JOHN SELKIRK/auckland bureau. Jane Hastings, the GM of Event Cinemas with two of the original pieces of clothing worn by two of the characters in the second Twilight movie ( Edward (left) and Jacob) The exhibition is at the manukau Events cinemas and can be viewed with a purchase of a ticket for the latest movie in the saga, Eclipse.

Jane Hastings, the dignified face of the NZ Herald

Thanks to an appearance on Hauraki’s breakfast programme, we now know our Prime Minister has, among other things, stolen something and peed in a shower. …

If he is going to admit to criminal and social offences, it begs a number of questions.

He did not seem at all embarrassed this week when the radio segment was screened on American television’s popular satirical programme Last Week Tonight.

English host John Oliver – who already finds New Zealand a resource for ridicule – ought to come down here, the Prime Minister said, and witness one of his weekly post-Cabinet press conferences.

Like the one in which he mentioned he has had a vasectomy, perhaps?

That was years ago. It cost him no votes; nor will his latest revelations. Those who like him and vote for him will like him all the more for the enjoyment he clearly derives from the lighter side of his job.

Those with no time for him will be disgusted at what he has admitted and think it no part of his job to be answering questions such as these.

He is candid to a fault. He holds our highest elected office and he should treat it with more respect.

And somehow the Herald editor wrote that without any sense of irony on the same day that David “Tainted” Fisher is a “non-biased” witness, and A newspaper goes hell bent for leather trying to smear a law abiding business man who has done nothing wrong other than to state he’s going to take one of their own to court for actually breaking the law.

I was at a media event last night, and what was interesting to note is that the Herald has sunk so low, they are hated as much by the left as they are by the right. ? Nobody trusts them.

So to write a parental piece on how John Key should behave like an adult is just the icing on the cake.


– A newspaper