Trotter goes full retard, never go full retard

Chris Trotter woke up this morning and sat at the keyboard in his flannel pajamas and banged out the strangest of posts:

NEW ZEALANDERS are heading into a great storm of change. Much that is precious to us will pass away. As Pakeha we have grown accustomed to being the colonisers rather than the colonised. Loss of power will be a new experience for us. As the second great wave of colonisation washes over us, our best chance of survival will be to reach out our hands to the?tangata whenua – whose feet are sunk deepest in the earth of Aotearoa. In the storm of change that is coming, the strength which that position gives to Maori will make them the only solid point around which everything else twists and turns. If we, as Pakeha, do not reach out and grasp that strength, the fury of the storm will blow us far away.

Riiiiight. I’m confused as to how Maori are going to help protect us from this ‘invasion’ that supposedly is coming…the storm of coming colonisation…the loss of power? Heck I’m confused.

This is a post written about the signing of a massive trade agreement where our exporters get many, many positive gains…and there are few down sides. Certainly none of the disaster scenarios presented by the left wing.

Chris Trotter just went full retard, you never go full retard…but he did.

Now I just await the fury of this supposed storm set to engulf us and sweep us away.


– Bowalley Road