When will David, Winston, and Kelvin apologise for their smears?

Winston Peters, David Parker, Kelvin Davis and Eugenie Sage all attacked Judith Collins and her husband David Wong-Tung over kauri logs.

They were all wrong, along with a number of media outlets. The media outlets including Radio NZ have all apologised.

Now Eugenie Sage has apologised.

Apology to David Wong-Tung and Oravida

?On the 19th of June 2015, I issued a press release under the title ?Govt. stuck in the mud over swamp kauri allegations.?

?I acknowledge that the press release was capable of conveying meanings that were not intended. Specifically, I did not mean to suggest that David Wong-Tung and Oravida were involved in the illegal export of swamp kauri or that they influenced the government or any member of it to turn a blind eye to any such exports.? ?

?I apologise to Mr Wong-Tung and Oravida for these comments and accept that I had no basis for making them.?

Eugenie Sage MP

So Eugenie Sage dropped her apology late on a Friday hoping no one would notice.

However it does make one wonder why David Parker, Winston Peters and Kelvin Davis haven’t yet apologised to Collins and Wong-Tung for their outrageous smears.

I don’t expect an apology from Winston or Parker, but I thought Kelvin Davis was honourable. I hope he does apologise because I am sure he wouldn’t want others to know just precisely how he managed to beat Hone Harawira at the last election.


– Scoop