An exclusive interview with Mr X

Mr X


Interviewer: So Mr X, can I call you Colin?

Mr X: No you certainly can not. Using a nom de plume is a literary device to make this interview more interesting.

Interviewer: Okay Mr X but you can call me Colin if you like.

Mr X: Well of course, your name is Colin after all.

Interviewer: Yes it is and we are the same person but that is no reason to not make this interview more interesting.

Mr X: I agree now lets get down to business. Ask me some questions about that horrible blogger.

Interviewer: Martyn Bradbury?

Mr X: No, but I agree he is pretty horrible, I mean the other one.

Interviewer: The one with the girls name?

Mr X: Lynn Prentice? No not him though he is really horrible. I mean the one who published our love poem, Two of Me.

Interviewer: Ah yes that was a lovely poem Colin.

Mr X: Stop calling me Colin, Colin. My Nom de plume is Mr X!

Interviewer: I really don’t like your tone Colin, I will not be spoken to like this. You can jolly well do this interview yourself if you are going to speak to me like that.

Mr X: I already am you Moron.

Sound of door slamming as the Interviewer leaves the room.

Mr X: Now where were we, ah yes that’s right, that horrible blogger.

Female voice calls from outside the room.

Mr X: Damn, time for dinner.

Sound of recorder being turned off