And tomorrow’s protest: on water being wet


How on earth can you protest Climate Change?

People are gathering in towns and cities to join a global event called the People’s Climate March.

The biggest event in New Zealand will start just before llam today in Albert Park in Auckland.

Celebrities expected to attend include Lucy Lawless and Hayley Holt and they will be joined by academics, union organisers and church leaders.

The event kicks off a weekend of marches around the world aiming to put pressure on global leaders gathering in Paris.

Fala Haulangi, a Tuvaluan and union organiser, says climate change is about the survival and “the very existence of my people”.

While Sarah Thomson, a law student at Waikato University, wants urgent and meaningful action on climate change.

“As a young person, I will see the effects of climate change unfold within my lifetime. It is our generation, and our children’s generation, who will pay the true cost of decisions made by generations before us.”

Some people think they can stop change. ? And of those a large amount of people are modern day Luddites. ?I would love someone to come along and explain to me how marching against the climate changing is going to achieve anything. ?

It reminds me of people not liking cars when they were first introduced, and they forced a man with a flag to walk in front of it.


The only upside I can see of people “marching” against?Climate Change is that they could potentially be doing something much more damaging.

They could also do something a lot more meaningful, like address domestic violence, specifically against children and babies, and with a focus on statistically significant excesses in certain ethnic groups.

But that would be too real. ?Too now. ? After all, who cares if some babies are bashed to death if we’re all going to have a country that’s 1 or 2 degrees warmer, and the sea comes up by a few centimetres over a century!

We have to focus on what’s important people.


– NZN via 3 News