Another 11 of Labour?s closest crim friends have arrived from Australia

Some of Labour’s closet criminal friends have returned home.

That’s 11 more votes from the missing million for them.

Another 11 deportees from Australia’s Christmas Island have arrived at Auckland Airport.

They were being met this afternoon by police and Corrections staff, a police spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said the men would go through the same process as the 12 deportees who arrived last week, under Australia’s new law on deporting non-citizens with certain criminal convictions. ?

Police, Corrections, Prisoners’ Aid and Rehabilitation, and other agencies would continue to work together to manage these arrivals.

Others were returning individually on commercial flights this week, the spokesperson said.

If Labour stopped cuddling these criminals and proposed implementing a law similar to Australia’s they’d get a whole lot more traction.

Right now they are just proving that they are the party for poofs, crims, bludgers and losers.


– Radio NZ