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We're winning I tell you, we're winning

We’re winning I tell you, we’re winning

From George, of course:

A message to Andrew Little:

Whoever is advising you is either incompetent or set on sabotaging your career. You are conducting yourself with zero dignity.

I would have thought as leader of a major party the first priority would be engaging with those who could make you Prime Minister.

Here are a few hints:

  1. Most people respond to positivity.
  2. Most people respond to humour.
  3. Most people respond to enthusiasm.
  4. Most people respond to constructive criticism with logical evidence.
  5. Most people respond to a vision that recognises today’s world.
  6. Most people don’t belong to or like unions. ?
  7. Most people don’t respond to drama queens.
  8. Most people don’t like criminals
  9. Most people see prisons as a place where criminals live.
  10. Most people don’t like anger.
  11. Most people don’t like childish criticism.
  12. And finally most people will decide who our next PM will be.

I suggest you sack your advisor and hire someone who knows the obvious.

Most of us don’t want you as PM so the ball is in your court.

I bet you can’t even understand why John Key is so popular.

Andrew Little has gone full nasty again. That won’t be helping him.