Conservative Party: The victor writes the history books


The rewriting of history has begun.

Earlier this year, on 19th June, it was announced that the Board of the Conservative Party would undertake a review of the leadership of the Party. The former Leader of the Party, Colin Craig, stood down to allow the board to explore all possible leadership options going forward.

The newly elected Board has decided, in agreement with Mr Craig, that as we move forward we will be looking to appoint a new leader to take us through to the next election. …

Mr Leighton Baker has been appointed Party spokesman as the Board looks at the leadership options.

What actually happened: ?

There was no “Review” and the Board never agreed to one. ?That was just Colin?Craig?and Brian Dobbs in a forced closeting 19th June before Mr Craig?announced his “step down”. ?There never has been a review. ?It was only ever a fiction invented by Mr Craig at the last minute, with Mr Dobbs only, to try and stave off a vote to remove Mr Craig on the?19th at 7pm.

Leighton Baker resigned from the party in January, so this is incongruous with his reasons for now stepping up. ?He was the first Board member to resign. His letter said he wanted to focus on his business and family.

This Board (the third) was elected unconstitutionally and against the Party’s own rules. ?It was essentially appointed by two people (Daniel Heslop and Mr Dobbs) both who resigned, one before the other afterward.

Conservative Party members?simply want to press on anyway, and get past “Craig”, so while not legal, people are accepting this new Board. But, if push came to shove, it has no legality.

Tests for this new board include

  • Reviewing the Second Board’s suspension of Mr Craig’s membership which it did on 27 June.
    Will they finally cut Colin?adrift? Or play games with “reviews” and “time outs.”
  • Whether John Stringer gets swiftly suspended for “speaking to the media” (as Mr Baker?is now doing, with no additional mandate over the one Mr Stringer claimed).
  • How the Board deals with the historic formal Board complaints against Craig that are still not heard (April 2014)
  • How it deals with how the Stringers were treated at the AGM, trespasses and evictions by Police for nothing more than being critics of Craig and standing up to him.

Colin Craig is tainted while all the legal cases are ongoing. ?And by last count, there are quite a few before the courts as well as tribunals, electoral commission and being considered by police in terms of breaches of electoral law, interfering with natural justice,

All in all, those number over a dozen, with more to come I suspect. ? This isn’t the man they can have lead a political party. ?And if Craig thinks he can win them all and clear his name before the 2017 general election run-up, he’s not seen how slowly the wheels of justice grind in New Zealand.

He can settle out of court with a number of people, but when The Crown takes him to court, especially over alleged electoral and honesty issues, he can never be near politics again.