Do you think Colin Craig can’t sink any lower? Think again

This is a letter he just sent to a former employee who is now a grandma and a quilter.

Good Afternoon [name redacted]

We are aware that you have in recent months been corresponding with Mr John Stringer. In the correspondence you have made a number of defamatory statements. Here are two examples of statements you have made:

“We” are aware? ? That Colin and Mr X? ? Or Colin and Interviewer? ?Or both Colins, from the poem “Two of me”? ? It’s hard to keep track.

1. ?The Conservative Party was funded with stolen money, thousands and thousands every month.?

How exactly is private correspondence with anyone defamatory? ? Well, I’m not a lawyer, but perhaps it is. ?I suspect the damages that flow from a one on one conversation are rather limited, especially from a retired ex-employee.

2. ?You are quite correct in your descriptions [John Stringer’s] of Mr Craig?s behaviour in dealing with people who oppose him in any way. His fraudulent activities chiefly rely on blackmail and his other tactics are to discredit, isolate and threaten any opposition?

So that’s a statement Grandma made to Stringer in a private convsersation, and this Mr Craig also considers defamatory. ?

These statement [sic] are untrue and defamatory. You will recall that you previously made allegations of fraud (or theft) at the ERA hearing between us and you were required to retract these allegations at the hearing after we had independent auditors show you were wrong.

Grandma may not recall that at all, as she won the ERA hearing and Mr Craig was ordered to pay her lots of money.

Statements (including the two above) you have made to Mr Stringer have now been published more widely to other people, passed on to journalists, and also form part of legal proceedings that will be heard in open court with media present. It is very regrettable indeed that you have chosen to make these statements.

Regrettable that these statements are now not only public, but have to be answered in open court? ?Why so? ?If they are not true, isn’t open court the exact place for these?

I suggest that you immediately seek legal advice.

Myself and the company will give you until 25th November 2015 to take the following actions.

Oh this is where it gets good. ?Concentrate. ?Remember, this is not in a court setting. ? This is Mr Craig telling a?witness for John Stringer to do the following:

1. That you provide us with a copy of all communications between yourself and Mr Stringer (both facebook and email) and a signed letter certifying this is the complete record of the exchange.

Wow. ?Mr Craig imagines he can issue private production orders (search warrants). ?This is breathtaking. ?Apparently Mr Craig has some imagined right that removes any kind of privacy protection from Grandma. ? But it gets better.

2. That you provide a written apology and retraction to myself and Centurion Management for the specific allegations you have made. (We will check this against the communication provided for completeness.)

3. That you provide a written undertaking you will not make further allegations about myself or the company.

A gagging order. ? No matter the truth of any statement, he wants Grandma to shut up altogether.

4. That you provide a written undertaking you will make no comment to the media about these allegations.

There you go. ?Grandma is specifically not allowed to speak to the media about the allegations.

Allegations. ?I thought they were lies?

5. That you write to Mr Stringer and advise him that you retract in full and immediately all allegations about Mr Craig and Centurion Management and provide us with a copy of that letter/email.

That you write to Mr Stringer and ostensibly admit that you have been intimidated into silence, that Mr Craig now holds all the signed paperwork to come and get you if you insist on continuing down this path, and that you scurry back into a dark corner and never come out.


Or what?

If 1-5 are completed by 25th November 2015 we will take this matter no further. Otherwise please be advised that we will take action to restore our reputation. This will most likely include formal court proceedings against you for defamation.

Thank you

Colin Craig

Oh look. ?More defamation action. ? Is Mr Craig a one-trick pony or what? ? He’s managed to control matters of disagreement through defamation, court and tribunal actions in the past. ? But it seems that the fear is starting to wear off.

When he turned on Williams, Stringer and myself, we proved to be the first people in his life that would not back down at the promise of a costly and lengthy legal battle. ? In fact, it is highly likely that Mr Stringer is going to insist on having a jury trial. ? And personally I think that’s a good option.

But the real concern here for Mr Craig is that as more and more people who have previously feared going up against Mr Craig all by themselves are now finding support and courage in the fact that there are people, like John Stringer, that will assist them to face Mr Craig down.

And in turn, Colin is insisting they forgo their privacy, sign?a contract admitting to being wrong, sign?a contract where they promise not to talk to Mr Stringer, and?sign a contract to never communicate with the media.

Let it get to court.

The truth will come out.

In the mean time, I’m really starting to wonder why Mr Craig is allowed to contract witnesses for the defence in other legal actions and attempt to enforce discovery and the suppression of all details outside of a court setting using consequence of defamation action if they do not comply.

There is a word for that.