Does John Key need replacing?

John Key and Milan ?t?ch

John Key and Milan ?t?ch

John Key wants to change the flag because it gets mistaken for others, so it is only logical that John would now want to change the country?s Prime Minister for the very same reason.

He may be a regular on the front page of women’s magazines and well-accustomed to selfie hunters in his home country but Prime Minister John Key has a way to go with his name recognition in Vietnam.

Key was in Vietnam earlier this week leading a business delegation to the growing Asian power.

He got the attention of local media, with a photograph appearing in a newspaper of his meeting with President Tr??ng T?n Sang.

Unfortunately for Key, he was apparently mistaken for a Czech politician. The caption read “President?Tr??ng T?n Sang receives President of the Senate of the Czech Republic Milan Stetch.” ?

It got worse for Key. The picture was headlined: “Czech Republic forges scientific ties with VN”.

A photo of the mix-up was published on Twitter by 3News reporter Brook Sabin, who is travelling with Key.


For the record, Milan Stetch is visiting Vietnam from November 15 to 20 for a series of meetings.

As far as doppelgangers go that’s a pretty poor effort…then again maybe we do all look alike to Vietnamese.

Perhaps, just like the flag we could rustle up a replacement. We could get someone that looks black and has a silver fern motif?

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I wonder if we?could also ask Fairfax to get Milan ?t?ch‘s name right.