Does the left even believe in freedom of speech?

We now have a situation here as well in general in the rest of the world where if you dare to speak up on unsavoury and challenging topics then the left wing will shout you down, try to boycott you, try to attack your revenue, and generally silence you in the most personal manner possible.

Last year the left wing tried to silence me. They broke the law, worked with criminals and it was all to silence me. Nicky Hager has stated many, many times that his job was to drive me from politics. Lynn Prentice has stated he worked with them for the same aims, and has since repeatedly called for my banishment from the blogosphere.

These are the tactics also used against Israel, and those who speak for Israel. One Israeli rapper found that out but he isn’t backing down either.

Richard Lakin was killed as he was shot and stabbed by Palestinian Arabs in Jerusalem last week. He was an American who moved to Israel and was active in the peace movement in both countries. He believed deeply in co-existence.

Following his murder,?a popular Israeli rapper, Yoav Eliasi ??also known as Hatzel (Shadow) ? posted to social media channels his commentary, as he does regularly as one who dabbles in political activism.

Hatzel posted,

“Richard was an English teacher and a radical leftist activist in the organization Tag Meir?[an organization for ?co-existence?], which shows you that it doesn’t matter how much you’re in the left, how active you are for the Arabs, and sell out and betray your people in the name of enlightenment – when the terrorist comes he won’t care about your activities, and the only thing he’ll see is a Jew, and for him your blood is exactly like that of the religious Jew or the settler who sat next to you.?

Following criticism of his comments as ?insensitive,??he commented,

?I’m pained over him as I am over every Jew and I’m sorry if his family was insulted, but I didn’t say anything bad against him, only about the absurdness of the situation. Pay attention how every time that you tell the left the truth, and the truth is hard for them to digest, they?immediately do all they can to silence you. It’s really hard for them when a mirror is placed in front of their faces and they’re told ‘this is you, deal with it!'”

Numerous media outlets and social media commentators, including entrepreneur Jonah Engler, noted that ?terrorists view right-wing and left-wing equally in seeking to kill them.?

The left-wing Anti-Defamation League (ADL) issued a statement today criticizing the rapper, saying that, “His statements, during the?shiva?[seven days of mourning Jews observe]?in memory of Richard Lakin, harm the honor of the dead and the honor of his mourning family. Eliasi must apologize immediately to the mourning family and publish a statement taking back his hateful words. As an artist, youths view Eliasi as a role model, and therefore he must act responsibly.”

Hatzel noted that ADL criticism as well as that of the head of the Labor party in Israel is wrong:

“The foundations of democracy are the expression of opinions in public, the right to liberty, freedom of speech, freedom to unionize, the right to ownership and the freedom of movement. So in?trying to take away from me ‘and those like me’ the freedom of speech and our expression of opinions in public, you become anti-democratic, hypocritical and a bully.”

The left wing are all about tolerance, until someone challenges them and their bankrupt ideals. Then they go full totalitarian on you, wanting you silenced.


– Truth Revolt