Face of the day


Today’s face of the day is Sean Plunket. He is a talkback host who has not been afraid to ask the hard questions or to be ‘ mean’ in an interview to people whom other talkback hosts treat with kid gloves. I will never forget his interview with Kim Dotcom or his interview with Nicky Hager. It was like listening to a boxing match. Sean had both of them on the ropes a number of times and I was practically yelling, ” hit him again Sean, hit him again.”

Sean interviews without fear or favour. Cam has been interviewed by him and he gave it to Cam both barrels. Cam thoroughly enjoyed the battle of wits and it was a great interview.

Veteran broadcaster Sean Plunket has been axed from RadioLive’s morning talkback show ? and it is believed he could be replaced by long-time colleague Mark Sainsbury.

Plunket confirmed on Monday night his final show will be on December 18.

It brought to an end a “three-year amicable relationship” with RadioLive, he said.

Plunket has hosted the 9am-midday weekday slot on RadioLive since taking over from Michael Laws in April 2013.

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